Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting Ready for Sebring and RAAM.

Well I'm finally starting to feel good about Sebring.

After taking most of December off and then getting slow but methodical start to January, I'm beginning to see the results in my training rides. Tuesday's 100 mile time trial with 4 layers of clothes and booties (yes it was cold) yielded me a 4:43:29 or 21.2 average. While not my P.R. for the course (4:41:40 April 2011) it was within 2 minutes and that ride which was in almost perfect conditions and temps in the 60's and came after 5 months of training.

My training plan this year will not involve as many miles and will be a much more balanced plan so as to prevent me from burrning out with team RAAM this year and the prospect of Solo RAAM next year.

Sunday - Mountain Bike run plus Legs/Core Session.
Monday - Morning swim and upper body/core lifting session.
Tuesday - 100 miler or longer Time Trial.
Wednsday - Morning Leg Session and MTB Duathlon after work.
Thursday - 100 miler or longer ride.
Friday - Swim.
Saturday - 200 miler/12 hours.

Rinse and Repeat.

TAPER - I'm already reading some people talking about tapering for the race more that 2 weeks prior to the event. Thats pretty standard coaching talk from coaches that haven't done this stuff a this level. Tapering for 12 or 24 hour event only requires that I deviate from my training plan for the 3 days before your event. On wedneday I'll replace the duathlon with a hour long easy ride - don't need the beating from the run. On Thursday I cut back to another hour long easy ride. Friday - which is normally my swim (rest) day I'll will put in around a hour of 90% effort at the race site and try to find a massage.

OVERLOAD - many people have asked me why I'm only racing 12 hour events in the begining of year. Well the reason is fairly simple and has to do with the fact that during team RAAM I'll only be racing about 14 hours a day. I have schedule 4 12 hour/200 events that are all approximately 1 month apart. I'll race each of these events, and then follow them up with 12-14 hours of riding for the two days following to simulate the fatique of RAAM Racing. These are my overload weeks and only require that I switch monday and tuesday on the training schedule. This overload training plan came out of discussions I had with LON Haldeman about his RAAM preps.

The first test of the training plan comes in 10 days, but really proof with be in 5 months.

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