Sunday, January 29, 2012

slober knocker ride.

Well I've been told to get my self off facebook with my long posts and back to write my blogs. I was always careful to have the blogs proof read by Trish to catch the mistakes. But since I'm going to do this more like a facebook post - you will be on your own to translate what is typed into what I really meant.

Today we had a group of about 20 people meet at lake sylvia to ride the slober knocker race course. The course is a 33 mile gravel grinder with 3330' of climb. Most of the climbing is under 10% but there several sections that kick up to 12%. The weather was perferct - in the mid 50's at start and around 60 at the finish.

The group was schedule to leave out at 12:30, but as is true with most large groups some weren't ready - oh well I left at 12:30 and was chased down by Patrick Emery on his single speed. We cruised around the first section of course which is about 5 miles of flat to downhill. Then we hit the first long climb of the ride which is about 5 miles at 6-8%. On the climb we past Brent who had decided he wasn't up for waiting around either and headed out on his own. Patrick and I pretty much climbed at about the same speed until it got steeper and he had to stand. He literally walked away from me up the mountain. Once we got to the and it levelled off I had to chase him down. Then it was another climb. That was the storyline for the day, watch Patrick climb away from me then chase him down on the flats and downhills.

We got to the last turn on the course about 2 miles before the finish and met Ryan Johnson. He had dropped his wife off for the ride and had been out explore the Wildcat Mt Trail. We stood around at B.S. for about 20 minutes and nobody from the group showed up and it started getting chilly since we were movings so we head down the hill to finish up the ride. When we got to the bottom we waited another 20 minute but nobody still had finished so I headed for home.

Training Summary:
30 Minute Leg Session
2 1/2 hour - 33 mile MTB ride.

People met:
Patrick Emery.

Things Accomplished:
Room booked for Sebring Race February 17th and 18th.
Getting Crew lined up for HOS 500 Race.
Scheduled with Brent to do White Rock Classic next weekend.

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