Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No RAAM This Year.

It looks like RAAM isn't going to happen in 2011, and it may never happen because the logistical demands of RAAM and putting together the requisite crew is a nightmare.

After I started my "lets do RAAM" dance in January, I was told that you need to start planning for RAAM at least 12 months before the race start to have everyone and everything ready for the race. I now believe this person was right. I wish RAAM was run like it was back in 80's, when you could get by with smaller crews and you didn't need to be a lawyer to be able to read and comply with all the race rules.

A Big "Thank you" to the people that have offered to help in many different ways. I'm glad I have people that I know I can call on if I need help.

I'm at peace with the fact that RAAM may not be in my future.

Stay tuned for the new plan to be announced shortly.

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  1. Dear Kurt,
    My experience is that RAAM preparation is a logistical nightmare. The easiest part is training, since it just means riding your bike. For many the sponsorship is the biggest challenge that creates sleepless nights.
    RAAM is a fun experience, but a costly one too, not only financial, but also the time you stick into it, where family and friends may sometimes be put on the backburner.
    What you are doing right now says much more about you as an ultrarider than riding RAAM. Since RAAM is mostly about sleep deprivation and coping with a body that is falling apart. I believe that the true ultra-race is the 24-48 hour race and I believe that is the future gold standard ultra.