Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To RAAM or to Ramp it up?

I haven't posted on the blog in quite a while. Maybe I'll go back and catch up on the events that I missed at the end of last season, but for now it is time to plan a new season. I know that lots of cyclists have contemplated doing RAAM, few have tried and even fewer have succeeded. I'm not talking team RAAM, because that isn't RAAM, that's a way for the race to be profitable. I'm talking about the Solo race across America.

I've been thinking about doing RAAM since my first Pac Tour training camp back in 2005. Since that time I've ridden many miles and done many races. In 2005 thru 2008 I focused on triathlons, mountain biking and adventure racing. In 2009 I made my first foray in ultra cycling and last year I set my goal as winning the Ultra Cup.

I was able to accomplish this goal thanks to a great training plan, the advice of many people and the loyal support of my family who provided me with a great crew for many of the events. This year it is time to take it to the next level. Time to increase the distance and difficulty of the events and to maybe reach for the top of ultra racing. RAAM.

The difference between the ultra races and RAAM is not night and day, but it is large. This year I have the finances and time to do the training to complete RAAM, but I do lack one very important ingredient, a crew that can take me across the US. I have 4 people committed to my crew right now and need to recruit 4 more. I specifically need a bike mechanic and nurse/doctor, (someone that can give I.V.'s), and at least two other people.

Right now I'm ramping up everything. I've developed a training and racing plan that includes a 24 hour race, a brevet series, 600K race , a 500 miler, a 12 hour race and 1200K. This will at least double and maybe triple the number of 20+ hour rides I have done. Yep, to date I've only done three 20 plus hour rides so I definitely need some seasoning and this training plan has at least four 20+ hour rides and 3 days straight of riding 250 miles on the 1200K.

I've also updated my site with all of the information regarding RAAM-Quest 2011. Please visit the site and check it out. If you're an English major, email me with any incorrect grammar. If you're a bike mechanic, email me with your resume. If you own a company, email me with a sponsorship offer.

So, right now I'm ramping it up and hoping to get the crew I need to be able to do RAAM. Next up is a 300K in Texas and then the 24 hour at Sebring. I hope to see alot of you at Sebring. By then, I should have a definite plan to accomplish my new goal.

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