Sunday, July 4, 2010

Comparison ride Titus VS Giant.

Yesterday I did a fast 100 mile loop on my Titus Vuelo averaging just over 19. So today since the weather was suppose to be close to yesterday I went out I my Giant TCR Advanced and did the exact same 100 mile course to see how much faster my race bike is than my touring bike.

The combatants:

My Titus Vuelo is my touring bike. It weighs in at 26.2 lbs, which includes everything but the water bottles. Its a titanium bike with carbon fork and krysium elite wheelset. What makes this my touring bike is the fact that it has a circlular seat post that can accept the rack and bag that I carry off the back. This bag carries 3 space tubes, 1 spare tire, 90% of the tools you need to run a bike shop, 12 hours of food, enough free storage to carry shed clothes and TP. This is the bike I take when I go off I my own for a 12 hour ride.

My Giant TCR Advanced is my race bike. It weighs in at 22 lbs, with lights, food bag, and seat post bag. Its a full carbon bike with Rolf Vigor Wheelset with carbon bearings. I think that Rolf's are the best wheelset you can race regardless of the $ you want to spend. The Giant is also much stiffer that Titus. This is the bike I race when I have support.

The results.
Titus 5:14 - or 19.1 MPH
Giant 4:55 - or 20.3 MPH

I also have two different Garmin 705's that I was testing out. The difference between the two was .2 miles over the 100 mile difference. I think one is set to record data every second and the other is when ever the device feels like it. The big difference though was in the amount of climb that the two devices recorded. Yesterday I did 5800 feet of climbing today I did 2500 feet of climbing. Maybe if climb over them faster it doesn't record as much. Don't trust your garmin for climb data.

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