Friday, December 26, 2014

My HAMR Plan

One of the first questions people ask after learning that I’m going to ride more than 75,000 miles in one year is how?  Do you have a plan or are you just going to go out and ride 206 miles every day?  

Actually, I do have a plan and it’s based on going incrementally farther and faster as the year progresses and I have more daylight to ride.  My plan calls for riding long six days a week and doing a century ride on the 7th day as a rest and recovery day.  

Everything in the plan is just an estimate since much will depend on the weather and where I can start and stop each day.   My goal is to start out riding 10 hours a day the first week on my long rides and then add 10 minutes to the time ridden each week as I get more daylight and better weather.   I plan to increase my time on the bike to 14-15 hours during the summer and then taper it back down to about 10 hours a day by the end of 2015.    My speed goal for riding is to start out riding my long days at about 17 mph which, for me, is actually a little slow.   As my fitness improves, my average speed will get better and by mid year I should be riding at around 20 mph or better and should be able to hold that fitness level for the rest of the year.

I put together a projections spreadsheet that uses these assumptions to show how to accumulate more than 78K miles.  The spreadsheet also shows the mileage that was accumulated by the current record holder and how far ahead of schedule I should be as I progress through the year.    The fact that my projections are on the low side for the speed I ride and the number of hours that I need to commit combined with the fact that these projects give me two weeks of burn days, (days I don’t have to ride because of weather or other emergencies), leaves me very confident that this can be done with the help and support of my family, friends and cycling community.

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